Monday, July 30, 2012

You Know What I Mean

How many of you can tell exactly what your dog is thinking, with just a bark or certain wag of the tail?  This is a special language between man and man’s best friend that only they understand.  It could be as simple as the change in a bark.  When someone arrives at your home and when the dog wants a snack, the bark is noticeably different.  I have one friend that can tell her mom that she needs to go outside with just a paw.  The tail of a dog says so much if you just pay attention.  When your dogs’ tails are going crazy when you get home, you know they are excited to see you.  When their tails start swinging after you ask them a question, you know that means “yes”.  Don’t forget to pay attention to the eyes.  They show you that they are listening to hear and understand everything that you are saying.  It is amazing how great of a conversation you can have with a creature that does not speak a traditional word at all.  Listen to what your best friend has to say--you will be amazed!!  Love…Scout!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Part of the Family

How many of you have to find vacation accommodations that allow pets so the all the family members can attend?  I bet this is a “yes” for most of you.  When planning your summer vacation, it is simple to make these plans.  Oftentimes lodging websites have it posted if it is a pet-friendly location.  If it is not listed, be sure to confirm when booking your reservations.  You don’t want to be miles and miles away from home and not be able to bring your pet in.  You also need to prepare for travel and room arrangements for your pet.  Be sure to pack bowls, food, leash, kennel or any other comforts of home that will make your pet’s trip comfortable.   I hope you all have great summer vacations and enjoy every minute with the whole family.  Love…Scout!!