Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Lodging "Fit For A Dog"

So many times we are not able to travel with our families, but the wonderful places we get to stay are a vacation all their own. The special people that take such great care of us are a real blessing--sharing their love with us each day as they come and check on us, feed us and play with us. I want to say "Thank You." It means so much to me and my family. My family is able to enjoy their trip knowing that I am in good hands. Have a wonderful Christmas!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Special Gift For You

Are you looking for a special gift you can make for your Mom & Dad or Grandmother & Grandfather for Christmas? Why don't you try making them something? Here are the Paper Mache Bowl instructions from my book, Scout...The Dog Who Learned Mona Lisa's Secret.
1 cup flour
1 1/2 cups water
1 tablespoon salt
Newspaper, torn into 4-inch by 1-inch strips (approximately)
Petroleum jelly
Tempera powder paint
Clear sealing spray for crafts
1. Select a small bowl (with no rim) and turn it upside down on a cookie sheet.
2. Spread a thick layer of petroleum jelly over outside and top edge of bowl.
3. Put flour and water in a mixing bowl; beat with wire whisk until smooth. Mixture should be like thick glue (a little runny-not too thick).
4. Dip 1 newspaper strip at a time into the paste; pull strip between 2 fingers to remove extra paste.
5. Place wet newspaper strips on outside of bowl in an up-and-down pattern, covering all of bowl.
6. Dip more newspaper strips into paste and add a second layer of strips to the bowl, first going up and down, then going across.
7. Dip additional strips into paste and add 4 more layers of newspaper strips on the bowl, first going up and down, then going across.
8. Let dry for 24 hours; take paper mache bowl off regular bowl, using a knife to loosen around edges. Uneven edges may be trimmed with sharp scissors.
9. Paint inside and outside of paper mache bowl with tempera paint; let dry (it may take more than one coat). Spray sealer on bowl to make it last longer.
10. Fill bowl with small wrapped candies, nuts in their shells, potpourri, etc.
I am certain that those you share this bowl with will just love it.
Merry Christmas,