Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Thankful Weekend

I hope your Thanksgiving was just as happy as mine! Susanna, Charley, Mom, Dad and I left Thursday morning to go to my uncle's and aunt's home about 100 miles from here. We took cranberries, a salad and pecan pies to add to the dishes that other relatives brought.

I saw my cousin, Mattie, for the first time since last summer. She's a brown Cocker Spaniel--we're both the same color and age. When we visited last summer, the temperature was 100 degrees; we're glad the weather is cooler now.

Mattie's family and my family don't often give us food from the table, but since Thanksgiving is a special occasion, we each received a bite of lean turkey. It was so good that we didn't even think about dressing or gravy!

We came back home on Thursday afternoon, and now we're all thinking about getting ready for the Christmas season. We'll decorate the tree this week and begin baking cookies. I've already asked if we can make ginger snaps. I'll let you know what happens!